Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about the measures or your visit to Continium? Take a look at the frequently asked questions.

What measures has Continium taken and what rules are there for me? How can I use Brasserie M? Can I also take a seat on the terrace? Can I come as a group? Can I visit all exhibitions? What do I notice in the museum of the measures? The answers to these and other questions can be found below. They are divided into four categories. Is your question not listed? Mail to info [at] or call (urgent) 045 - 567 6050.

General Horeca Tickets In the museum


  • When can I visit Columbus, Cube and Continium?
    We're open for visitors from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 a.m. till 5 p.m. The times that films are shown in Columbus can be found in the daily schedule. 


  • What measures are in place at Columbus, Cube and Continium to make visits safe?
    We do our utmost to ensure the safety of our visitors to Columbus, Cube and Continium. Our measures at a glance:
    - The numbers of visitors to our museums are restricted to make sure that a safe distance to other guests will be maintained. These numbers are based on a required minimum of 10 m2 (107 square feet) of space per person or family;
    - special hygienic measures are in force at the toilet facilities.
    - Disinfection points have been set up at several locations in the museums where you can disinfect your hands. Disinfectants and paper towels are available to wipe contact surfaces;
    - There will be floor markings to indicate the safety distance of 1.5 metres at spots where people may be expected to queue;
    - There are separate entrances and exits for the various houses. The main entrance is adjacent to the railway station.
    - Where necessary, we have introduced one-way routes;
    - We accept only payments by debit card at the box office, in the museum shop and restaurant.


  • When may I visit Columbus, Cube and Continium?
    Do not leave your home if you do not feel well. We welcome visitors as long as they and their relatives have not had any medical complaints at least 24 hours prior to their visit. We implement the RIVM (cf. NHS) guidelines:
    - Do you show symptoms of a cold or a nasal cold, such as a runny nose, light cough or are you running a temperature (not higher than 38 °C or 100 °F)? Stay at home!
    - Do you show symptoms of a cold and feel feverish (a temperature higher than 38 °C or 100 °F) and/or are you short of breath? Stay at home! The same applies to members of your family.


  • How do you restrict the number of visitors?
    - Visitors will be admitted to the museums in limited numbers to maintain the required minimum of 10 m2 (107 square feet) of space per person or family.


  • Have you put in visible markings?
    Yes, we have. Where this was required, we have clearly marked the routes to the exhibitions and explore stations. Besides, we marked the spaces for queues near the entrances.


  • Are there separate entrances and exits?
    The main entrance and exit are in different locations. The main entrance is adjacent to the railway station and car park. Follow the directions to reach the entrance.


  • Who can I contact in case I have questions or suggestions?
    We answer frequently asked questions on our website. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please send an e-mail to info [at] Or phone us on (+31) (0)45-567 6050. The reception desks in the museums double as information desks for all your questions and suggestions. The reception desks have been marked with the symbol ‘i'.


  • How do you define a household?
    A household is a group of people that collectively manage a home, or make up a social unit like a family, with partners and family members.


  • Can I park my car near Columbus, Cube and Continium?
    The (free) car park near Kerkrade-Centrum railway station offers ample parking spaces. Park your car at a safe distance to other vehicles to safeguard your and other people’s safety.


  • How does the in-house emergency service operate?
    Our in-house emergency service operates in accordance with the guidelines as drawn up by the Red Cross and several other Dutch national organisations. We will provide additional measures when contact is unavoidable when contact is unavoidable when dealing with emergencies. We act in accordance with the current RIVM (cf. NHS) guidelines. We have instructed our in-house emergency service personnel to adhere to these guidelines.


  • What can I do myself and what hygienic measures can I take?
    Practise the measures as set out by the RIVM (cf. NHS):
    - wash your hands after touching things that others before you have touched.
    - Wash your hands with water and soap for 20 seconds, dry your hands carefully with a paper towel or use a hand dryer. Discard the paper towel in a refuse bin with lid.
    - Wash your hands before leaving, wash again as soon as you get home, when you have blown your nose, before meals and after you have been to the toilet.
    - Cough and sneeze into your elbow.
    - Use paper handkerchiefs to blow your nose and discard them in refuse bins with lids.
    - Then wash your hands.
    - Do not shake hands when you meet people.
    - Keep a safe distance of 1.5 metres to other people.
    - Follow the instructions of our museum staff and keep a safe distance of 1.5 metres to other visitors to reduce the risk of infection to a minimum.


  • Are additional measures in operation for the toilet facilities?
    - There are soap dispensers.
    - There are hand driers and paper towels available to dry your hands.
    - During the day the toilets are regularly cleaned by our service staff.


  • Is it safe for visitors with disabilities to visit the museums?
    Yes, it is. Our service staff will make sure that visitors with disabilities can safely visit the museums.


  • What can I do when visitors do not stick to the rules?
    We have appointed a sufficient number of staff who see to it that visitors comply with the protocol. They will actively check compliance. Therefore you should at all times report your observations to a staff member. We have appointed a head of staff who is responsible for protocol compliance. He will see to it that the protocol is strictly adhered to. In consultation with the head of staff, further steps will be taken. Visitors that do not comply with the guidelines will be requested to leave the museums.


  • Must I wear a face mask and/or gloves during my visit, or is it advisable to do so?
    Yes wearing a face mask inside the museum is mandatory.


  • Is the museum shop open and what rules apply in the shop?
    The museum shop is open. A maximum of 4 visitors are allowed in the museum shop at the same time. Each visitor is requested to make use of a shopping basket. The shop's entrance and exit are located in different places. We request visitors only to handle those articles in the shop that they in fact plan to buy.


  • Should I book a table in Brasserie M, the museum restaurant?
    Making a reservation is neither necessary nor possible. Upon arrival at the restaurant, an employee will ask you about your health and to leave your contact information according to RIVM guidelines. These details will only be used if necessary for a contact examination and destroyed after 14 days. He will then show you and your company a place and explain the working method further.


  • Can I sit down for a pick-nick lunch?
    At the moment we cannot offer room in the museum for pick-nick lunches. You can book a table in the restaurant or look for vacant seats outside.


  • We are a family, should we observe the safety distance of 1.5 metres in Brasserie M?
    No, as you are a family there is no need to maintain the safety distance.


  • How do you make sure that the restaurant is a safe environment?
    A door host was appointed to maintain our admittance policy as well as the health measures as they apply to the restaurant. It is his task to
    - welcome and
    - screen the guests,
    - show them a table,
    - provide them with information
    - and answer their questions.
    On entering the restaurant the guests can sanitize their hands. There are fixed routes inside the restaurants and the tables have been arranged in such a way that the safety distance of 1.5 metres is ensured at all times. There are arrows and other signs to indicate the routes through the restaurant. The entrance to the restaurant and the exit have been separated.


  • How can I order meals in Brasserie M?
    What is on offer can be found on the menus. One person in a group goes to the cash desk to place the order and pay for it. Items ready for consumption are handed over through a ‘hatch'. There is a ‘buzzer-system’ for dishes that need to be prepared in the kitchen. The buzzer sounds as soon as the dishes are ready to be collected in exchange for the buzzer. There is a number of tables where meals can be served to the guests. 


  • How do I pay in Brasserie M?
    We only accept (contactless) payments by debit card in Brasserie M, at the box office and in the museum shop.

Tickets & reservations

  • How can I make payments in the online ticket shop?
    Payment is by iDeal, Paypall or credit card only. 

Buy your ticket!


  • How long can I stay with a valid ticket?
    Until 5 p.m. in Continium and Cube. Once you have watched the film in Columbus we prefer you to return home, unless you booked a table in the Brasserie M restaurant.


  • Can I purchase tickets at the ticket office?
    Yes, but it is adviced to book your tickets online in advance. This will prevent disappointed customers and long queues, as long as the restrictions on the numbers of visitors are in force. Pay at the cash register with pin or contactless.


  • How can you make sure that people will be waiting for admission in an orderly fashion?
    We put in markings for the safety distance of 1.5 metres near the entrance. Visitors enter the building one by one through the revolving door and once inside they will make their way to one of the museums. 


  • Do I have to show my e-ticket at the ticket office?
    No, you can head straightaway to the entrance gates for Continium and Cube. The tickets for Columbus can be scanned at the special desk, which is signposted.


  • Is my discount voucher or discount code still valid? 
    All actions as mentioned below will be valid again from Saturday 4th July. Book a spot here for the day you want to visit. You will receive your proof of reservation by e-mail. When you visit, take your reservation receipt and your admission ticket/discount receipt with you and check in at the cash desk. Admission tickets are included: 

    Current discounts are:

    • Year membership GaiaZOO


  • Do I have to print my ticket(s)?
    It is not necessary, but desirable. You can even show your ticket from a safe distance on your mobile phone.


  • Am I entitled to a refund if a member of my family falls ill and we have to cancel our visit?
    No, but we can rebook the tickets for a later date. Please contact our booking office on info [at] phone us on +31 (0)45 – 567 6050


  • Can I still buy combination tickets for other museums?
    Yes, you can, the ticket shop still offers combination tickets for sale. The discount on these tickets will automatically calculated. Children under four years of age are admitted free of charge.


  • Do I have to book tickets for children in this age group?
    Yes, you can book tickets for under-4-year-olds in the ticket shop. The age of children is checked at the entrance.


  • Are the discounted combination and family entrance fees still valid?
    Yes, the ticket shop will take these discounts automatically into account.

In the museum

  • Are the various departments in Continium open to the public?
    The Hall of Fame, Expeditie (Expedition), Reizen in de Ruimte (Travel in Space) and the Timewarp theatre can be visited as usually. For the time being all activities haven been cancelled in the theatre and the Tinker Lab, but you can buy and construct a Science box in de Science lab and there's a new Future Forum Quiz.


  • How do you make sure that visitors do not linger at the various explore and activity stations?
    - There is sufficient room between the exhibits, the areas are generously spaced to provide ample room for the visitors.
    - Visitors are encouraged to keep a safe distance within the various spaces.
    - Our staff make sure there will be no bottlenecks.


  • Do families/households have to stay together as groups?
    We would welcome it if families/households would stay together.


  • How can you keep the much handled explore and activity stations clean?
    During the day our service staff regularly wipe down the exhibits with disinfectants.

  • Can I clean the exhibits that may be touched?
    Yes, there are disinfectant stations at various locations where disinfectants and paper towels are available. You can make use of the material to clean the exhibits you want to handle. Put the towels in the refuse bin after use.


  • Are there fixed routes throughout Continium?
    No. Where necessary we have put in markings or clearly signposted one-way routes. Make sure you follow the instructions. You may go as you please in Continium, but you should respect the 1.5 metres safety distance to other visitors (as long as they do not belong to your family/household).