Entrance fees

Entrance fees at the ticket office (valid until 31-12-2018)

  • Entrance fees for children of 5 and older: €12.00
  • Free entrance for children up to 4 years of age
  • Free entrance for holders of the Dutch 'Museumjaarkaart'
  • Family ticket: €44,-. Valid for two adults (18+) and two or three children under the age of 18 years.

Online tickets

You don't fancy queueing for tickets? A discount would be welcome, too? Why not order your tickets online? 

  • Entrance fees for children of 5 and older: €11.00
  • Free entrance for children up to 4 years of age


Buy your ticket!



Starting Tuesday, January 1, 2019, Continium has the following fares for tickets:

  • Ticket at the counter, 5 years and up: €12.50
  • Ticket online, 5 years and up: €11.50
  • Family ticket cash register / online: €46, valid for 2 adults from 18 years and 2 or 3 children up to 17 years.

Combitickets for Cube & a visit to Continium discovery center or Columbus earth center:

  • Combi ticket Continium & Cube at the counter: €21
  • Combi ticket Continium & Cube online: €20
  • Combi ticket Continium & Earth or Zwart in Columbus at the counter: €19.50
  • Combi ticket Continium & Earth of Zwart in Columbus online: €18
  • Combi ticket Continium & 3D film in Columbus at the counter: €14.50
  • Combi ticket Continium & 3D film in Columbus online: €14

Prices are already included in the online ticket shop: when selecting the correct date for your visit, the price automatically changes. The group discount (20% for 10 people or more) is automatically calculated. Previously purchased tickets remain valid.


Do you also wish to visit Cube design museum or Columbus earth center? Special priced combitickets are available online:

Continium + Cube design museum: € 19 p.p. 

Ticket: Continium & Cube 

Continium + Columbus (Earth): € 17,50 p.p. 

Ticket: Continium & Earth   

The combitickets are also available on site: with your regular ticket for Continium you'll receive 10% off your visit to Cube or Columbus, if that visit takes place on the same day.

Group rates

Per 1-1-2018 Continium charges a group discount of 20% for groups of ten people and up. This discount is visible in the ticketshop. Are you visiting with a larger group like a school? Please make a booking via 045-567 60 50 or boekingen@continium.nl prior to the visit to qualify for the group rate. Also ask about possible combinations of tickets.

Kids' party?

Having a birthday party at Continium? It can be arranged! There are so many things to do. You may opt for one of the rallies, work in the Tinkerlab, create technical gadgets in the Science Lab, or enjoy a great meal in Brasserie M, just to name a few. Phone us on 045-567 60 50 or send an e-mail to boekingen@continium.nl for bookings or information about the cost or arrangements.

Educational institutions

Continium also offers arrangements for schools. There is a large variety of programmes for primary and secondary schools that fit in with their curricula. Schools may plan their visits themselves, or contact us to discuss what is on offer. Phone us on 045-567 60 50 or contact us on boekingen@continium.nl for more information or to make an appointment.