Kids' parties

Your birthday coming up soon? Have your party in Continium! Go on a journey of exploration together with your friends. Challenge the robot and beat it to the finish of the nerve spiral. Race each other on solar power, have a ball hover on air, ride a bike to produce electricity. And that is not the end of it, there is so much more to do! What about picking up a Science Box to create your own technical gadgets that you can take home? And a wonderful birthday meal to top it all! Continium offers various arrangements to turn your birthday party into a super-cool party!

You may opt for the Kids Tour of the Continium, or an activity tour. Or would you rather go on the Kids Science Tour, which is not only a rally, but also includes experimental work in the Science Lab? There you can make your own cool technical gadgets that you can take home.

Contact us on 045-567 60 50 or send an e-mail to boekingen [at] for more information or to book kids' parties.

Kids' parties should be booked in advance.