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Towards a new Earth. Imagine the thrill of travelling to a new planet...

Be immersed in the world of space travel and science in the new Reizen in de Ruimte (Travelling through Space) exhibition!

In the Travelling through Space exhibition you are asked to prepare yourself for a multi-year journey to a new planet. You are trained to become an astronaut in your own spaceship and are tasked with preparing the new planet for the arrival of its future inhabitants.

Train the skills you'll need as an astronaut on the fitness track and with technical tests and discover how quickly you can operate the devices with a steady hand. Once you arrive in space, you will live and work in your spaceship. Here you eat, sleep, and work just as you would on Earth. Watch the live video feed from the cameras of the International Space Station and marvel at the beautiful view. Play the docking game: can you connect the capsules to the spaceship?

Find out what it takes to live on another planet. How can you protect yourself against space storms and the powerful rays of the sun? How does gravity work? And how do you grow plants on this new planet? Do you think you can live on a new Earth?

Preparation on Earth

You embark on a journey through space to find a planet where humans could live. It's going to be a long expedition filled with adventure and danger.

You'll have to prepare well for this quest for a new home planet and you'll need to be strong, smart, and social. Don't waste any time and get started with the training. Are you ready?

In space

To arrive at your new home planet, you'll need to travel through space. This is a long journey that will require some supplies, as you might be travelling for months or even years!

Life on a spaceship is different to life on Earth. First of all, you have to spend every minute of every day with the same people in a very small space. And secondly, the water has to be reused, even your pee. But the view is extraordinary up here and you get to float around too.

A new planet

You have finally arrived at your destination. But now, you'll have to figure out how to survive on your new home planet. You'll need water, food, and shelter. But you also need to think about dangers such as radiation and storms.

It will be tough, but at least it won't be boring! You and your team are on the brink of a great adventure. To survive, you'll need to trust each other completely. Would you like to live on a different plant?

Science Show: Astronautentrainer

Are you space-proof? Find out during the Astronautentraining”  Science Show in the Continium theatre. Be amazed by the extraordinary experiments demonstrated during this exciting Science Show.


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Traveling through Space