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There are so many new discovery and doing stations that you can get started with. In this way you learn more about the influence of science and technology on your daily life. And in this new Explore Zone, especially a preview of the future.

Be amazed by the completely renewed Explore Zone! There are so many new discovery and doing stations that you can get started with. Living, learning, nutrition, working, health: the new Explore Zone also offers you a preview of the future. Are you coming?


You will find six themed areas in the Explore Zone. About food, health, living, work and leisure, life, materials, energy & IT. And in every theme area a dozen DIY stations where you can get to work yourself! Which is your favorite?

What will you be eating tomorrow?

Do you want to live forever?

Where do you want to live?

What do you want to be?

What do you want to learn?

What will robots do for you?

Praktical information

You are welcome Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.! Continium is also open on most public holidays, with the exception of Christmas Day, New Year's Day and King's Day. View the opening hours overview for these exceptions.

The Explore Zone is included with your ticket for Continium! So buy your ticket quickly: tip, you will receive an extra discount online and you can walk right through the gates. You are also that way: Continium is easily accessible via the A76 and thanks to the Kerkrade-Centrum Station right next door.

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Other activitities

In addition to the Explore Zone, there is much more to do in Continium. What do you think of a fun and educational experiment in the Science Lab? Or the Science Show? Don't forget to visit our Hall of Fame and ... Take a look at the overview of all the offers! There are also regular special activities. 

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You eat every day. You need it to survive. Your food contains nutrients for your body and fuels for energy. Do you get everything? Where does your food consist of and where does it come from? The future of our food is exciting: do we have enough for everyone? Are we going to eat insects? Cultured meat? Or should we grow food on the moon?

Urban farming


Your body is a wonderful machine. Discover what you look like on the inside and what happens there. If something in the body is not working properly, you can get sick. With science and technology we can detect and improve diseased cells, replace organs, operate remotely and look through your skin. The secrets of the human body are hidden in a code: DNA. If we can crack it ... who knows what is possible! Maybe eternal life?

Subcutaneous systems.



Where do you want to live later? In a reusable home that you can move or a smart home that talks to you? You build the house of the future yourself, but how? It must be sturdy, equipped with running water and energy must flow in to heat your home, preferably a little bit sustainably. If you are going to build an entire residential area, there is even more to it. Are you building along?

Solid construction!

Work and free time

What do you want to be when you've grown up? Vlogger, truck driver or a profession that does not yet exist? It depends on your talents and what you will learn. Finding out what you want and can do is a big job. Maybe robots take over all our work, what do you do? Perhaps you can fully enjoy your hobby or turn your hobby into your work. It's your life, you're at the wheel. What do you do with your time? Plan your route!


Are you ready for the challenges of the future? The 21st-century skills will help you on your way: learn to think like a computer, challenge your brain creatively, learn to collaborate with others and be critical. Learn to communicate, recognize fake news and learn how to solve problems. The world would be a lot nicer if everyone prepared well! What can you do well and what can be improved? Test it here. Discover your talent!

What do you say?

Materials, energy and IT

A robot that cleans up your shoes? Internet in your shirt to measure whether you are healthy? Cars with solar panels? They look like images from the future, but we have to deal with technology and energy every day. We get more energy from sustainable nature, you see solar panels on more and more houses and electricity from water or wind is the most normal thing in the world. In the meantime, robots are also becoming more and more normal. They take on difficult or dangerous work from people, but they also increasingly resemble real people. New techniques and materials make our lives a little easier.

Pulling funny faces!

Note: recordings!

Cameras are used at some of the exhibits in the Explore Zone. These are necessary for the operation of the exhibit. Captured images are not used outside of this zone. You can, however, have the recordings sent to yourself at a few places, such as the fortune teller tent. Your e-mail address or telephone number is only used for this purpose. This is an automated system: We do not have access to this information and files, they will also be automatically deleted shortly after your visit.


The Explore Zone is included with your ticket for Continium! So buy your ticket with starting time quickly, and you can walk right through the gates. In addition to the Explore Zone, you can also visit the temporary exhibition Traveling in Space, the Hall of Fame, the Science Show and much more!



Traveling in space

On the way to a new earth. How fantastic is it to travel to a new planet? The new exhibition Traveling in Space immerses you in the world of space travel and science!

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is the open depot, or the treasury of Continium. Here the top pieces from the Continium collection tell their story.

All activities

There is plenty to experience in Continium discovery center. Fight the robots, be surprised at the Science show or do a science box in the lab!

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