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Can you unravel this ice-cold mystery?

During one of their hikes Helmut and Erika stumble upon somthing strange, sticking out of the ice. It looks like ... a body!

Are you ready to be a forensic investigator? Together with Professor Kees Koud you'll learn about the latest research techniques to discover who the body is and what exactly happened. What did he do so high in the mountains? Did he freeze to death or maybe ... was he killed ?!

It's a big challenge for Kees Koud. He must collect the traces and evidence at the crime scene and investigate them further in the research center. Will you help Professor Kees Koud with his research? In the end you'll report your findings together with reporter Lex Uiting. No doubt you'll have a lot to tell at the end of your research!

Kees Koud

  • 56 years
  • Arnhem
Researcher to the bone. In charge of the investigation of the mysterious find of a body in the Alps. Faced with a big challenge to get this big job done!

The (C)oldest human remains

CSI: Continium, a criminaly fun exposition in whoch you'll get to know all about the historical find of the ice-mummy Ötzi and the forensic research that followed. You'll be investigating the (c)oldest human remains ever found in Europe. Thanks to the latest scientific research methods he still has a lot of stories to tell.

Lex Uiting

  • 32 years
  • Venlo
Reporter and anchorman of Breaking News. He keeps a close eye on the researchteam and makes sure the research gets documented as a whole.

Praktical information

Special activities

During holidays and weekend  there'll be workshops and shows challenging you to research fabrics, explore DNA and analyse fingerprints. Keep an eye on the daily agenda for the full and actual program.


Continium is accessable for wheelchairs.

How to find us

Navigate to Museumplein 2, Kerkrade, or follow the signs for Kerkrade-Centrum. Follow the signs 'Continium'. There is a free and spacious P&R car park next to Kerkrade-Centrum railway station (Hambosweg). It is an easy walk from there to Continium, across the railway crossing.

Bus stop and Kerkrade-Centrum railway station are located next to Continium.

More route & OV informatie.

Opening hours & tickets

All information on opening hours and special dates can be found here.
A normal ticket at the entrace is €12,-, online in presale €11. Special familiy tickets are available: more on tickets here!


CSI Continium